Auburn Sale - Sign Up List as of 9am on 7/30/20 


Please keep in mind that we have many customers signing up at the same time, exactly at 9am on their end. However, not all wall clocks, wrist watches, pocket watches, cell phone clocks, microwave clocks, dashboard clocks and sundials :) are synchronized together. The system sends your registration to our inbox in the order received. Submitting the registration at 9am does not necessarily mean you will be first in line. Looking forward to seeing you at the sale! 


  1. Ida L

  2. Bobert B

  3. Jake S

  4. Hannah H

  5. Logan S

  6. VJ S

  7. Olga M

  8. Kay J

  9. Bradley V

  10. Jess W

  11. Christine B

  12. Adriana O

  13. Gabriel W

  14. Karen P 

  15. Bill D

  16. Brian D

  17. Charlet D

  18. Anthony P

  19. Peter G




Pleasanton, CA

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