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  • 1956 Ford 100 Pickup truck (aka "La Bamba")

  • Very large coin collection (Gold coins, treasure ship, ancient, silver proof sets, buffalo nickels, mercury dimes, wheat pennies, Morgans, etc...)

  • 19th Century cut crystal advertising stein collection

  • Militaria (Civil War, Indian Wars, WWI & WWII, Vietnam)

  • Vast antique photo collection (Civil War through WWII)

  • Tintype photos

  • Antique steamer trunks

  • Large original political cartoon collection -200+ pieces-by famed Bay Area artist Benjamin Franklin Kettlewell (aka "Ket")

  • Antique late 19th/early 20th century coin op English punching bag

  • Antique Edwardian/Victorian furniture, display cases, dining room set, roll top desk...

  • White cast iron stools (same maker as Disneyland Park furniture)

  • Scrap books, antique canning labels

  • Porcelain advertising signs 

  • Antique tools

  • Cast iron saws

  • Vintage Safes 

  • Wagon wheels

  • Fishing equipment (poles, reels, lures)

  • Loads of sterling silver (flatware, bowls, trophies, presentation items)

  • 100+ sterling silver Christmas ornaments 

  • Collection of knives, daggers & swords

  • Antique Books (collecting, military, political, etc...)

  • Gambling memorabilia (Jennings 10 cent slot machine, traveling gambler's kit, Will & Fink card trimmer and edger, etc..

  • Historic flags & masonic items

  • Vintage Tonka trucks

  • Antique bottles 

  • Political pins/buttons

  • Much, much more!!!


Fremont Estate Sale

5/18, 5/19 & 5/20

FRI: 9am-6pm; SAT: 9am-5pm; SUN: 10am-4pm


Join us at our next estate sale in Fremont, CA for a wide variety of items, including a vast militaria collection (Civil War, Indian Wars, WWI & WWII, Vietnam, etc.), a beautiful 1956 Ford 100 pickup truck (aka "La Bamba"), old coins (gold and silver, treasure ship, ancient), political posters and cartoons, pocket watches, loads of ephmera, antique steins, antique books, Edwardian/Victorian furniture, tools, clothing, and much more. Please keep checking back for more photos and updates over the course of the week. 

No returns or exchanges. All sales are final. Cash and credit cards accepted (minimum $50 charge on credit cards). Please do not bring handbags or any type of bag in the house as they will not be allowed. Please bring boxes. 

Items WILL NOT be presold. We strive for a fair and fun sale. We welcome phone calls, emails and text messages regarding general sale questions and/or item specifics. However, we DO NOT give out prices before the sale. 


  • SIGN UP LIST: Will be available starting Monday, May 14th at 9am on our website Once on the website you can click the "Sign Up" link in the upper right hand corner. DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE.... the computer will knock you down the list. ​

  • WHERE AM I IN LINE? - Please return to the website and click the link to see where you fall in line. This link will be available to view on Wednesday, May 16th at 9am.   

  • ADDRESS: Will be posted on the Sign Up banner on the homepage of the website on Thursday May 17th at 9am. 

You DO NOT need to be on a list to attend our sale. The list is used to organize the initial rush of customers at the beginning of the sale.

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