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Berkeley Estate


February 9th & 10th

SAT: 9am-6pm; SUN: 9am-5pm

Art lovers and those who appreciate Native American art should join us in Berkeley next weekend. We are pleased to represent the estate of a long-time Berkeley resident who appreciated unique art and Native American culture.  For sale are many signed paintings, sculptures, Native American serigraphs, baskets, bowls, pottery, statues, blankets, and decorative rugs. Other items available include, original concert posters, antique dolls, vinyl records, Native American jewelry, costume jewelry, furniture, books, lawn/garden decorations, garden supplies, housewares, cookware, electronics, etc...

The following is a list of just SOME of the items available...Take a look at the pictures below and keep coming back as we will be adding more photos leading up to the sale. 



  • Antique and vintage signed art, including oil paintings, sculptures, tapestries, serigraphs, lithographs, etc...

  • Antique & vintage Native American art and historical artifacts, including signed serigraphs, baskets, bowls, large & small statues/figurines, carved stone animals, etc...

  • Native American jewelry (old pawn silver bracelets, turquoise, etc..) 

  • 1960s-80s original rock concert posters (Captain Beefheart, Boz Scaggs, Canned Heat, Stephen Stills, Tribe 8, etc...)

  • Lots of items (books, buttons, posters, albums, ephemera) related to women's rights and gay pride. 

  • Vinyl records

  • Costume jewelry

  • Sterling flatware & tea set

  • Signed Sterling menorah/candle holder figurines

  • Vintage electronics (Bose, etc...)

  • Beautiful ornate cherry etagere (circa 1875) -  located offsite. Will have photos and info available. If interested please contact. 

  • Quality furniture, (dresser, bookcases, wall table, futon, dining table, side tables, computer desk, stools, low-profile sleeper sofa, etc...)

  • Crystal decanters & apothecary bottles (Baccarat, etc...)

  • Cutco knives 

  • Books on self-healing, cooking, art, etc. 

  • Quality housewares

  • Garden/lawn decorations

  • Gardening tools

  • Potted plants

  • Much, much more!


No returns or exchanges. All sales are final. Cash and credit cards accepted (minimum $50 charge on credit cards). Please DO NOT bring handbags or any type of bag in the house as they will not be allowed. Please bring boxes. 

Items WILL NOT be presold. We strive for a fair and fun sale. We welcome phone calls, emails and text messages regarding general sale questions and/or item specifics. However, we DO NOT give out prices before the sale. 


  • SIGN UP LIST: Will be available starting WEDNESDAY, Feb 6th at 9am on our website Once on the website you can click the "Sign Up" link in the upper right hand corner. DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE.... the computer will knock you down the list. ​

  • WHERE AM I IN LINE? - Please return to the website and click the link to see where you fall in line. This link will be available to view on THURSDAY, Feb 7th at 9am.   

  • ADDRESS: Will be posted on the Sign Up banner on the homepage of the website on THURSDAY, Feb 7th at 9am. 

You DO NOT need to be on the sign-up list to attend our sale. The list is used to organize the initial rush of customers at the beginning of the sale.

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