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Fully Loaded! Milpitas Estate Sale 
8/4 - 8/6



Don't miss this one, folks!  We have loads of antique and vintage items available at our estate sale in Milpitas next weekend. The owners were garage-sale and flea market pickers, collectors & avid treasure hunters across the Bay Area.  Many of these items are just now seeing the light of day after several decades. There's loads of fun stuff at this sale so please stop by for a mega blast from the past!   

Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS and review the details below for a sample of the items available.

  • Thousands of sports cards - 1960's through the 1990's

  • Variety of non-sport trading cards, including Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars cards, Pee Wee Herman, etc...

  • Hundreds of vinyl records - rock, reggae, blues, jazz, etc...

  • Loads of colorful Bauer dinnerware & Fiestaware

  • Vintage Disneyland memorabilia 

  • Vintage Zylmex toys

  • Antique radio collection

  • Komet 10c gumball machines

  • Portable Domestic sewing machine 

  • Vintage Nishyin pachinko machine 

  • Pre-Betamax Cartrivision Video Cassette Player & Cartrivision tapes

  • Laurel & Hardy collectibles

  • Massive TV Guide collection 

  • Vintage barware, soda cans, beer cans, etc...

  • Vintage baseball, football & hockey pennants

  • Vintage stuffed animals 

  • Vintage graphic t-shirts & clothing (men's and women's) 

  • Vintage toys (metal toys, plastic farm animals, figurines, toy guns, sci-fi models, character masks, etc...)

  • Loads of vintage board games 

  • Countless vintage trinkets and tchotchkes

  • Advertising signs (beer, tobacco, etc...)

  • Vintage posters (Beatles, Apollo, Frankenstein, SF Giants, etc...)

  • Tube testers 

  • Victrola Wurlitzer 

  • Cameras & camera equipment

  • Vintage cookware & funky small appliances

  • Loads of collectible magazines and books


  • More pics will be added as the sale nears!



No returns or exchanges. All sales are final and all items are sold "AS IS." Cash and credit/debit cards accepted. Please DO NOT bring handbags or any type of bag in as they will not be allowed. Please bring boxes.

Buyers are responsible for dismantling, packing & removing purchased items.

We appreciate inquiries regarding item specifics but please note that we DO NOT provide prices prior to the sale.

  • ​​​​​SIGN UP: Please do not post a sign up list on the estate front door. A sign up is not being used for this sale. Please feel free to line up starting at 8:30am Friday. Thank you. 

  • ADDRESS: The address will be posted on the sale page on Thursday 8/3.                                                                                                                                  

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