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Hayward Estate Sale 


6/29, 6/30 & 7/1

FRI: 9am-6pm; SAT: 9am-5pm; SUN: 10am-4pm


Join us at the home of a US Army WAC veteran and her husband, a Master Diver who traveled the world diving for the US Navy and private contractors. Many souvenirs and treasures from around the world. Please keep checking back for more photos and updates over the course of the week. 


  • 1942 Schrader Mark V Dive Helmet (complete and rare tin plated) 

  • Dive bench and personal ID'd dive bag

  • Dive telephone with dive locations stamped on top. 

  • 19th Century clay and glass marbles dug up at SF beach.

  • Gold and Silver jewelry, including two large gold and diamond opal rings.

  • Sterling silver lighter collection

  • US and foreign currency 

  • Coins: gold, silver, copper 

  • Collection of silver re-strike Thaler coins 

  • Women's Army Corps (WAC) grouping: hats, insignia, photographs

  • Mandolin and ukulele

  • 1970's dune buggy 

  • 1970's aluminum truck bed sleeper camper

  • Antique brass/bronze figural clock

  • Mantle clocks

  • Ming dynasty bronze Buddha 

  • Large hardwood Chinese carving

  • Balinese carvings 

  • Large model boat collection

  • Lots of nautical and diving equipment

  • Steins 

  • Glassware

  • Multiple silver-plated flatware sets

  • Mid-century paintings and art from Europe

  • 1960/70's psychedelic black light poster collection

  • Ladies and Men's watches

  • Hummels

  • Vintage 1950's/60's Christmas decorations (lights, ornaments, statues, etc)

  • Picker's/repurposer's backyard - lots of items to repurpose

  • Vintage 1950's/60's clothing

  • Furniture

  • Vinyl records 

  • Hanging oil lamp 

  • Antique 19th century Russian framed icon print

  • Postcard collection

  • Much, much more!!!


No returns or exchanges. All sales are final. Cash and credit cards accepted (minimum $50 charge on credit cards). Please DO NOT bring handbags or any type of bag in the house as they will not be allowed. Please bring boxes. 

Items WILL NOT be presold. We strive for a fair and fun sale. We welcome phone calls, emails and text messages regarding general sale questions and/or item specifics. However, we DO NOT give out prices before the sale. 


  • SIGN UP LIST: Will be available starting WEDNESDAY, June 27th at 9am on our website Once on the website you can click the "Sign Up" link in the upper right hand corner. DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE.... the computer will knock you down the list. ​

  • WHERE AM I IN LINE? - Please return to the website and click the link to see where you fall in line. This link will be available to view on THURSDAY, June 28h at 9am.   

  • ADDRESS: Will be posted on the Sign Up banner on the homepage of the website on Thursday, June 28th at 9am. 

You DO NOT need to be on a list to attend our sale. The list is used to organize the initial rush of customers at the beginning of the sale.

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